MARGIELA REPLICA | Lazy Sunday & Beach Walk

MARGIELA REPLICA | Lazy Sunday & Beach Walk

Developed and produced by @thestimuleye for @maisonmargielafragrances
Art Direction by @antoineasseraf and @renehabermacher
Editing by @dianemorvan
Line producer @kitsuney

@alizeegamberini’s Lazy Sunday Mornings are the perfect time to focus on herself and reflect on what makes her happy. What about yours?

Observing the thick layer of fog over the ocean, @bellathomas spent her morning on the sand, the scent of sunscreen mingling with the quiet sound of the waves.

During his late Beach Walk, @okdeon experienced unforgettable colors from the sunset: punchy pinks, oranges and lavender that rested in the sky. What colours have you ever seen on a Beach Walk?

The pure, salty and fresh scent of Beach Walk takes @blancamiro back to her memories. A calm moment when she and her parents are strolling along the beach in Menorca, capturing love moments with a polaroid camera.

On Lazy Sunday Morning, @taiki_jp‘s alarm clock remains turned off to rest his mind and body. The reassuring scent of lily of the valley brings him back to the memories of his hometown.